Saturday, October 31, 2009

My apartment building

Owing to its history of more than 400 years, Buenos Aires has some amazing architecture.  There are many buildings that utilise materials that you wont find in modern buildings.  I love the entrance to my apartment building with its use of marble and old fashioned lights.  And then after you enter there is a staircase with beautiful iron railing, etched windows and art deco light fixtures.

There is a film noir-esque feeling to stairs, depending on how the light changes.  I have manipulated the light to help achieve this, but at night you get the feeling anyway.


From our back patio there is a view of the amazing stairwell window, that when lit up at night, is quite a sight.  You dont get the full effect from the photos but you can begin to see the detail that has been put into the image.


Monday, October 26, 2009

The other day i took a different turn on the way to work and walked past this amazing whale on the wall.  It almost jumps out at you when you walk by.  People often make political statements in public places in Buenos Aires and this one refers to the recent situation with the president of Honduras.  For me the wall is 100 times better like this than if it were a wall without art.

There were some other great images in close proximity to the whale that i have included here too.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Everyday Street Art

Everyday as i walk to and from work, which is a sunny office in Palermo, i pass these street art images, and everytime i look at them i love the visual mix of old building-bright graphic. Buenos Aires is full of amazing street art, in places that you may not expect it.

These 4 images are on the side of a building that on street level is an antiques store. The building is on a corner and there is a brilliant mix of sunlight, windows, graphics and antique furniture.