Friday, July 30, 2010

Barzon Magazine

I love magazines.  Mainly interior design and decoration, but also fashion, culture, travel, food... and I am quite an expert when it comes to magazines both Australian and international, and now, Argentinian. The magazine scene in Argentina is quite shameful, and you really need to know your stuff to be able to choose a good one.  They have some sort of secret if you touch a magazine you WILL buy it code amongst the newspapers stands, which makes flipping through various mags impossible.  It is inevitable that you commit several purchasing errors... lured in by the seemingly edgy and well-designed cover, but sadly, inside there is rarely more than 10 minutes worth of entertainment.  Barzon is not one of these magazines.

My favourite magazine by far, Barzon is a mix of culture, style, fashion, interiors, architecture and art, and it focuses on Argentina, and stretches sometimes to other parts of Latin America.  The photography is amazing, the houses they feature are too, and you can actually spend hours leafing through the content and learning about the life of a local artist or the history of a city in the north of the country that contributes to the culture of Argentina.  If you are looking for THE best mag, Barzon is it!  The text is all in Spanish, but if you don´t speak it, you can at least enjoy the photography and great design.

 Images from Barzon, issue 14

Thursday, July 22, 2010

White Houses

Following a complete lack of photo-taking, I found these pics I took a while back of different houses that happen to be white (ish).  I really like the effect that the light has in the images.  The first two are from Santa Fe, and the last three are the house of a friend who lives in Villa Urquiza in Buenos Aires, and always has huge parties.  I love the art deco facade of his place!  The wall actually looks like marcasite and sparkles!!