Sunday, December 13, 2009

Street Art Almagro

About five minutes walk from my apartment there are a series of bridges that cross above the train lines in the suburb of Almagro.  Sometimes I take a different route walking home from work and recently i came upon these paintings on the walls of one of these bridges.  Next to the paintings there is a sign that says that all of the art is done by people that are living on the street and please do not paint over it.  The initiative is called Arte Sin Techo, or Art Without a Ceiling, and they work with the community and have a cultural centre a few blocks from where i took these photos.  The images remind me a little bit of Australian artist David Bromley.

I love the moustache on this girl!  It´s a bit of a Chinese style moustache in that simple-ink-drawing kind of way and i love the result.

This picture is done in the style of a child running, with child-like clothing, but the face and the hair really make it look like an old lady.  I love the contrast of the two ideas.  What a great initiative this project is.

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