Sunday, April 4, 2010


I love going back to a city that I know, revisiting places that are familiar but that have not been experienced for years.  Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and just a ferry and bus ride away from Buenos Aires.  There are many similarities between the two cities, but my favourite things are the differences.  Montevideo has this kind of sinister gothic appeal to it, with a mix of different architectural styles, dirty building facades and the absense of people in the streets (which when you come from Buenos Aires is extremely obvious).  It´s the 1800´s meets the 1960´s, French meets Gothic, pretty meets ugly. When added together, these elements create a mood that is difficult to put into words but the photos do enough by themselves. 
The local beer is Pilsen and it´s very easy to throw one of these back in any of the old bars that are dotted around the city.

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  1. i love the pictures of the building next to each other.