Saturday, May 15, 2010

The ugly-pretty

My new thing is taking an interest in things that are not necessarily inherently attractive, and I have dubbed this the "ugly-pretty".  This city is full of ugly alongside pretty; an 18th Century building next to a 1970s tower of apartments, an old abandoned building with doors and windows that have been cemented in to prevent people occupying the building.

These buildings for example; their form, colours and the architecture interests me, but not because it´s pretty, because it´s almost kind of ugly.  I walk past here every day and I love the way the building looks at different times of the day, according to the light.  Here it´s late afternoon, when the sky has a soft glow and you know that darkness is soon coming.

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  1. Carly I was born in uruguay and I have living in australia for more than thirty years, argentina like uruguay are much more older countries than australia,and built by europeans to be similar to europe. Many years ago and when australia was only a town, these two countries were very prosperous, but prosperity did not last for many different reasons, so now is what you can see around you, the grandeur of the old buildings of a gran era and the ''ugliness'' of those cheap apartments built in a hurry for people to have where to live. Sadly to say australia may go the same way one day,the reason good things don't last for ever.