Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cine Lorca

I love old cinemas, and the quirkier, the better.  This is the cinema Lorca located in avenue Corrientes, in the centre of Buenos Aires.  The picture above is taken from my seat, which is almost in the middle of the longest and narrowest cinema I have ever seen!  I doubt you could even see the screen if you were sitting in the back row, and from about where I am sitting, the cinema begins to slope upwards so if you are sitting any further forward you have to look up, and you can´t rest your head on the seat because they are too low.  The walls are wood panelling from the 70s, the seats cream vinyl, the majority of people that go there are old ladies and odd characters.  Fittingly, I saw the new Polanski film Ghostwriter, very Hitchcock-esque and the perfect setting for this film.

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