Saturday, September 25, 2010

Melbourne vs Buenos Aires

I realised that no matter where I am, I'm attracted to the same things: buildings, tiles, art, graphics, and I saw a lot of similarities between Melbourne and Buenos Aires, which both scares and amazes me.

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  1. I went to Buenos Aires the last year, and I stay there for a couple of months studying photography. I stay in the San Telmo neighborhood, a really authentic part of the city where I enjoyed a variety of activities, from walks through the streets, the Sunday fair to disco nights and pubs. During my time in the city, I book trough BsAs4U a Tango Show in Esq Carlos Gardel, and I enjoyed a really unique night. I believe that that’s such and authentic activity that is so hard to find in other place of the world, so it makes the difference between a city and the other. Now I’m living in Montreal and I have to say that is an amazing city too, but about that tango show I saw, I'm totally sure that I never going to find something like that in other different place than Buenos Aires.