Sunday, October 31, 2010


Belize is an interesting place, with lots of conflicting ideas.  It's in the Carribean, but was settled by the British, so everyone speaks English.  Arriving by boat, it is picturesque with pastel, weatherboard houses, but as soon as you step outside the port it looks like a typical third-world country and kinda like Guatemala.  The people all want to sell you something or take you on a tour, but if you say no and that you are not interested, they politely let you go by and wish you a nice day.

We took a tour of the city with a local guy called Bernard who seemed passionate about education as he pointed out every local school (and there were a LOT) and explained that they each have a different coloured uniform.  We went past a parade that some school kids were doing for red ribbon day, which promotes saying no to drugs.

To escape from the insane heat, we went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered a local beer from a Spanish-speaking employee and drank it while listening to a remix of songs that included Gloria Estefan and Reggaton.  I quite like Belize...

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