Monday, January 24, 2011

Casa Rosada

 The Pink Palace (no guesses why it goes by that name) is where the president carries out her duties during the week.  On weekends they open the palace and give free tours of this beautiful old building, which I am happy to report is not pink on the inside as well.  The guides are all dressed as soilders from the nutcracker, or in what I presume is traditional dress for the guards.  My favourite parts were the floor and ceiling details, just lovely.  There was so much design and decoration to take in, so much intricate work and money that has gone into this building. 

It´s great that they open it up so that the public can experience this important part of Argentina´s history.

 And last but not least... the pink exterior! 

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  1. Beautiful photos! It's fun to see the inside of the Casa Rosada... Thank you for revealing that it's not also pink inside.
    The Casa Rosada was recently included in Vicky Baker's post for our blog, The Real Argentina, about the most intriguing architectural examples in Buenos Aires, plus 5 of the quirkier finds. Have you been to Palacio Barolo yet?