Saturday, September 3, 2011

Recoleta, the Neighbourhood

Walking around Recoleta today my Argentine other-half remarked that it felt like we were in Europe.  And it did, what with all the spotlessly clean streets and beautiful old European buildings.  It´s a different side to Argentina, a side that the tourists like to see and I think the way many people still like to think of this Paris of South America: with romance, history and beauty.

Some of the buildings are stunning, from their roof-top details to the vast entrances and imposing doorways.  The suburb is home to the luxury shopping mall Patio Bullrich, originally owned by the Bullrich family and used as an auction house for collections, livestock and thoroughbreds. And there is my newest favourite French bakery L´épi that has the best almond croissants and pain au chocolat that I have tasted in this city, or anywhere outside of France.

Perhaps it was due to the obvious beauty of the neighbourhood that I found it difficult photograph, or it could have just been that my little digital camera just wasn´t up to the task, but anyway, you get the idea...

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