Monday, January 25, 2010

Camera Shame

I hate to admit it but i suffer from camera shame.  I never realised it before but since being in Argentina it has crept up on me, and when the time comes to whip out my little digital camera, i look around me and if there are a few people i usually just keep walking straight past my photo opportunity.  In Buenos Aires people have a habit of staring, whether you are simply passing by or doing something peculiar.  It is a city of gawkers and unless you are in a touristy area you will not see people taking photos anywhere.

So to help combat this little problem that i have, i am going to attempt to take one photo per day, of something interesting that i walk past on my travels.  Let´s see how we go...

My first photo is of a tiled wall that i walk past most days, and i always think about how much i like the print.  It´s the wall of someone´s apartment, and a very plain looking apartment at that, but nevertheless i like the texture and colour of the print.

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