Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pizzeria Kentucky

You can´t get much more traditional with pizzerias in Buenos Aires than Kentucky, besides maybe Guerrin, but that´s another post.  My preferred way to eat is sitting on the stools in the bar, where you can buy pizza by the slice and a tumbler of red wine costs you 4 pesos.  The signature pizza here is the fugazzeta rellena, which is basically as much cheese and onion as you can fit both on top and inside the pizza.  I know it sounds like a grease injection, and it is!  But so good...


This type of pizza restaurant is by no means cheap, and to sit down in the restaurant and order and large pizza and a litre of cerveza will cost you.  But ordering by the slice and sitting on a stool in the front bar, where you can watch the guys making the pizzas, is a great option.  This is where you will find the taxistas (taxi drivers) taking a break from their 12 hour shifts and sharing some laughs, or a group of old men that have been regulars for the last 15 years.  Pizza is a food group here all by itself.

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