Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Locro is a thick soupy-stew that is considered to be probably the national dish of Argentina (if we can discount the Argentine asado for a minute).  It typically consists of ingredients such as corn, meat, chorizo, beans and pumpkin, but can include anything and everything in between.  Locro has been eaten in some form or other since Incan times in many South American countries, with different varieties of the stew to be found across the continent. 

Today is the 25th of May, a public holiday for the May Revolution of 1810 that celebrates the country´s first national government, and locro is the traditional food that is eaten on this day.  The photo here is from a website called Planeta Joy, which features great food, drink and style roundups in Buenos Aires, and this particular article talks about the best places in the city to eat locro.  Prices and quality vary markedly so it´s often a good idea to go by someone´s recommendation to get the best locro experience.  When I was recently in the north of the country I had a ripper locro as it is a traditional dish in this area.  In fact all this talk of locro is making me hungry, I may just pop over to Planeta Joy to check out where I can get my hands on some...

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