Monday, July 18, 2011

Apartment #2 - part 1

Ceylan lives in the barrio of Monserrat, which is often referred to as Congreso due to the nearby congress building.  It´s close to the centre of the city, but at the same time has a very traditional and distinctive neighbourhood-feel about it and avoids being just another chaotic part of downtown Buenos Aires.  Things do get a little crazier when there are protests and parades filling the large plaza and surrounding streets, but Ceylan says this is a small price to pay for the location and affection she feels for the place.

She has been in her apartment for almost a year and shares it with Camilla, a friend from Brazil who is studying in Argentina.  Ceylan originally came from Turkey to Buenos Aires two and a half years ago to work for a company who were starting a website in Turkish, and she has recently decided to leave Argentina and return to her native country next month.

The apartment she rents comes furnished and is a very comfortable size for two.  It´s internal, so away from the noisy street but still full of light from the shaft that is left between the buildings.  One of the nice features of apartments in Buenos Aires are the wooden floorboards; they really do create a sense of nostalgia and quality in the spaces they fill, and that´s definitely the case in this apartment.  The layout makes it a really functional and inviting space to visit and the decoration makes the experience complete.

One of the walls in the living room is completely covered in mirrors, giving extra depth and interest to a room in an apartment with few windows and no real view to the outside.  The wooden floorboards and antique furniture work with the mirrors in making the space cosy and sophisticated, aided by the combination of the dark wood and the golden couches.  The perfect place to enjoy a Turkish or Brazilian coffee...

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